Rick Friedman’s New Book is a Best Seller

Rick Friedman’s new book, The Way of the Trial Lawyer – Beyond Technique, is the best selling book at the publisher, Trial Guides, since its release. In the new book Rick argues that there is something beyond technique. Something beyond biased jurors and judges or difficult facts. And this something often makes the difference between winning or losing.

Friedman argues that there is “another model available to us. It is that of a lawyer leading with heart; the lawyer as teacher… the lawyer who can stand solid in the courtroom—amid chaos, confusion, and unfairness—pointing toward the moral truth.” Friedman demonstrates how to find that moral truth, the clarity and strength that comes from it—and how it can make the difference between finding justice and losing your case.

Friedman offers concise, practical examples for sorting through the complexities and maps out a path to rooting your advocacy in your case’s moral issues. He guides you on how to explore the moral aspects involved and then apply them—from voir dire to closing—to strengthen your case. Friedman offers lessons on the following and more:

  • case selection
  • how to analyze your case’s moral issues
  • how to earn credibility with the jury and the judge
  • how to co-create a moral framework with the jury during voir dire that will apply to your case
  • how to address common issues in voir dire
  • how to deal with uncomfortable facts or elements in your case
  • how to avoid letting opponents distract or manipulate you
  • how to frame the defense’s position
  • examples for soft-tissue injury cases or cases where there is no objective evidence of injury
  • examples for opening statement, and how to bring moral issues clearly into focus
  • examples of direct examination, and how to use it to build the plaintiff’s moral case and methodically destroy the defense’s
  • examples of cross-examination, and how to use it to directly address the moral aspects of the parties’ respective positions—including how to cross-examine the IME doctor
  • how to use closing to easily show the jurors the respective moral positions of the parties, focus on the power of your case, and show the jury why it is right and fair that they give the verdict to your client

In The Way of the Trial Lawyer, Friedman seeks to offer you a new, and more effective, model of advocacy.

The book is available from the publisher, Trial Guides. For reviews and ordering information on any of Rick’s books or videos, click here.