Michael Angiulo

Of Counsel


Michael graduated from University of Washington’s School of Law in 2021 with Highest Honors and joined Friedman | Rubin PLLP shortly thereafter. What sets him apart from other recent law school graduates is that this is his second career although it was meant to be his first. Already as a teenager, inspired by the explosion of consumer products and technologies and thinking about product liability and how things worked and how people were kept safe, he knew he wanted to be a product liability attorney. He went to engineering school with the intention of doing engineering law, but a summer internship at Microsoft where he got to work directly with Bill Gates made him change course and stay at the company. While at Microsoft, Michael remained convinced he would soon be heading to law school and therefore took the LSAT several times since each time the results are valid only for a few years. And after 25 years with Microsoft, it finally happened.

During his time at Microsoft, Michael went from summer intern to Program Manager to General Manager to Corporate Vice President. From a products and services perspective, Michael has covered Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Ultrabook PCs, hardware peripherals, Microsoft Surface, Xbox, and cloud-based artificial intelligence projects.

All around us, products and services will only continue to increase in complexity – artificial intelligence is a big driver here – and there are many questions about the law’s ability to keep up with the speed of innovation.  From his many years as senior executive, Michael has unique insights into how complex products and services are conceived, developed, tested, marketed, and sold. He understands what big company thinking and decision-making looks like, and how for a variety of reasons the wrong decisions can be made. With his passion for helping people to be safe and seeing law as a way to hold rule-breakers accountable and affect change, Michael is excited to be where he is at this stage of his professional life: at the intersection of technology and humanity. As a licensed pilot, Michael is particularly excited to be starting out his career as a trial lawyer working on an aviation-related wrongful death case.

For a more in-depth read about Michael’s journey from almost-law school to Microsoft to actually going to law school, please see this Sept 2020 GeekWire article.

Public Service

A current member of the Harvey Mudd College Board of Trustees, Michael has served as Vice Chair of Data and Research and created the Angiulo Family Summer Research Endowment, providing perpetual support to students and faculty engaged in the College’s Summer Research Program.


FAA Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land, Single Engine Sea, Instrument Airplane, Multiengine land, and Glider. Other current licenses include USHPA P4 (Advanced Paraglider), Reno Air Racing Association (RARA) Pylon Racing School (biplane class), ASA Keelboat, PADI Open Water, and SCCA Full Competition Racing.


University of Washington School of Law, J.D., 2021

University of Washington – M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1997

Harvey Mudd College – B.S. Engineering, 1993

Honors & Awards

Inaugural Microsoft Office Moving Mountains Award

PC Magazine Technical Excellence Award

California Institute of Technology Merit Scholarship

University of Arizona President’s Award for Academic Achievement

Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout

Patents Issued

#7168034, Method for promoting contextual information to display pages containing hyperlinks

#6964025, Auto thumbnail gallery

#6763496, Method for promoting contextual information to display pages containing hyperlinks

#6456304, Procedural toolbar user interface

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#6275829, Representing a graphic image on a web page with a thumbnail-sized image

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