Verdicts And Settlements

$40 Million Settlement in Seattle Helicopter Personal Injury Case

May 21, 2018, Partner Alisa R. Brodkowitz, Friedman Rubin with co-counsel negotiated a $40 Million Global Settlement at trial for a personal injury case arising out of the 2014 KOMO helicopter crash near the Seattle Space Needle. The KOMO news helicopter crashed on lift off from a helipad injuring our client Guillermo Sanchez. Our firm had the honor of representing him and his wife at trial. Five weeks into trial, a settlement was reached.

Plane Crash Due To Engine Failure

Confidential settlement against engine manufacturer, 2012.

Turbulence Injuries to Flight Attendant, Against FAA, $575,000

This case involved flight attendants injured during turbulence. We filed suit against the Federal Aviation Administration Air Traffic Control and resolved the case for $575,000 in 2011.

Commercial Airplane Crash on Take Off, Multiple Passengers

Confidential settlement against US Airways, 2016.

Wrongful Death, Glider Crash

Confidential settlement against glider Manufacturer Schleicher, 2013.

Turbulence Injury in International Flight

Confidential settlement against Delta Airlines, Inc., 2014.

Loss of Pressurization In Cabin During Flight

Confidential settlement against Alaska Airlines and part manufacturer, 2009.

Crash Landing, Injured During Emergency Evacuation

Confidential settlement against Shuttle America., 2012

Back Injury During Fall Using Air Stairs

Confidential settlement against Alaska Airlines, Inc., 2011.

Burn on International Flight

Confidential settlements against Northwest Airlines, Inc., Delta Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and international airlines such as Turkish Airlines.

Disabled Passenger Injured During Boarding

Confidential settlement against Air Canada, 2014.

Knee Injury, Hit By Beverage Cart

Confidential settlements against Alaska Airlines, Inc., Delta Airlines, Continental Airlines, and United Airlines.

Ramp Agent Injured By Baggage Cart

Confidential settlement against Menzies Aviation, 2011.

Seat Collapse Injures Commercial Airline Passenger

Confidential settlement against Continental Airlines, Inc.

Head Injury, Baggage Falling From Open Bin During International Flight

Confidential settlement against Emirates Airlines.

*Disclaimer: Many of the judgments entered were larger than the verdicts, due to the addition of statutory interest, attorney fees and/or costs. Many of the verdicts were either reduced on appeal, or settled for amounts less than the judgment. These cases and results are a sampling of results achieved. This does not constitute a promise, guarantee or warranty of any kind. Results differ from case to case.