National Pro Bono legal services week

Last week was National Pro Bono legal services week in the US. We are very proud of the many Friedman Rubin attorneys and paralegals who take time out of their busy day to provide those in need with this much needed help. Thank you for what you do!

Our friends at the Sexual Violence Law Center held their annual fall fundraising event last week. They hosted a very creative virtual heist adventure based on the still-unsolved 1971 D.B. Cooper airplane hijacking. In the special ‘inflight magazine’, a page was devoted to National Pro Bono Week and here, Friedman Rubin attorney Cheryl Snow was featured. Thank you Cheryl for what you do!

(In the United Kingdom, National Pro Bono legal services week is celebrated this week instead of last. Of course. Over there, they also insist ‘chips’ is something you eat, not gamble with. We rest our case.)