Michael Angiulo joins Friedman Rubin

We are thrilled to share the news that Michael “Mike” Angiulo, a recent graduate of University of Washington’s School of Law, has joined Friedman Rubin as of-counsel attorney.

What makes Mike an unusual law school graduate is that this is his second career although it was meant to be his first. Already as a teenager, he knew he wanted to be a product liability attorney. He went to engineering school with the intention of doing engineering law, but a summer internship at Microsoft where he got to work directly with Bill Gates made him change course and stay at the company. In just 9 years he rose from being a lowly summer intern to Corporate Vice President and stayed with the company for 25 years. During that time Mike led teams working on Office products, PCs and peripherals, tablets, gaming consoles, getting to preside over some of the biggest innovations in the history of personal computing. Most recently before law school he was Corp VP at Microsoft for a team working on cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) projects.

And now he is where he originally intended to be – a product liability lawyer. It’s been a remarkable journey, but the consistent thread is Mike’s desire to work “at the intersection of technology and humanity”. As products and services will only continue to increase in complexity (think artificial intelligence) there are many questions about whether the law’s ability to keep people safe is keeping up with the speed of innovation.

Mike is uniquely positioned to understand this complex space and how the law makes it possible to act when highly sophisticated technology causes harm, holding the rule-breaking corporations behind them accountable.

Michael Angiulo

For a more in-depth article on Mike’s journey, please have a look at this Sept 2020 GeekWire article. His full biography is here.

In addition to being a freshly minted attorney, Mike is also an accomplished commercial pilot, rated in a wide range of single and multi-engine aircrafts, including landplanes, seaplanes, and gliders. He also enjoys sailing, scuba diving, and racing cars.