Book Reviews – The Way of the Trial Lawyer – Beyond Technique

Rick Friedman’s best selling new book, The Way of the Trial Lawyer – Beyond Technique, published by Trial Guides, is getting great reviews.

Randy Kinnard reviewed the book for the Tennessee Trial Lawyer magazine. His detailed review concludes: “I will keep Rick’s book on the shelf I call ‘My Favorite Books’ and pull this treasure down for another read often. Once you read it, it’s quite possible that you will think that this is the best book for trial lawyers you ever read.” Kinnard’s full review can be read here.

Stuart Zanville reviewed the book for CAALA, the Consumer Attorneys Association of Los Angeles. His review concludes: Trial lawyers can take much from this book, not the least of which are the words ‘Teiwaz Lawyer.’ Like the rest of the book, those words describe the characteristics of the ideal trial lawyer and how they can aspire to be better and increase their sense of purpose and satisfaction while traveling the way of the trial lawyer. The book may be for trial lawyers, but the lessons are for everyone.” Read his full review here.

The Way of the Trial Lawyer – Beyond Technique is available from the publisher, Trial Guides. For more reviews and ordering information on any of Rick’s books or videos, click here.