WGN Investigation of the “Boeing Papers” Sheds Light on Firm’s Suit Against Boeing (Video)

Chicago, IL

An investigative report by WGN sheds further light on the firm’s suit against the Boeing Company exposing a “dirty little secret” in the commercial airline industry: cabin air breathed by passengers and flight crew can become contaminated with toxic by-products from jet engine oil. Click here to watch the WGN Report, including the interview with Sean Gamble of Friedman Rubin. Since 1954, Boeing, the leading manufacturer of commercial airplanes, has used a “bleed air system” for cabin air on the vast majority of its planes. This means that the air breathed by passengers and the flight crew comes from the outside, then through the heated jet engines and into the cabin. If the jet engine leaks oil (for one of a number of reasons), the toxic by-products of that oil get into the cabin air system. Known as “fume events,” studies estimate that one such air contamination event occurs every day. See our June 22, 2015 news release below for more information on the initial suit filed against Boeing.