Safeco Required to Pay $530,000 For Herniated Disk

Everett, WA

A Snohomish County Superior Court Judge today awarded $530,000 today to Terry Buholm, a fourth generation fisherman turned commercial painter. Mr. Buholm, was 42 years old and married with young children, when he was injured in a rear-end collision. The accident caused an L2-3 herniation, which required a subsequent laminectomy surgery.

Lincoln Sieler, of Friedman | Rubin’s Seattle office, and Joe Cunnane of Edmonds, Washington, tried the case after Safeco refused to tender its insureds’ $280,000 policy limits to settle Mr. Buholm’s claims. Safeco’s top settlement offer prior to trial was $97,000. Because Safeco failed to adequately protect its insureds from an excess verdict, it was required to pay the full amount of the judge’s award.