“What would it be like if the jury sees the real you?” – Rick Friedman discusses his new book

Listen to Rick Friedman’s terrific interview with Benjamin R. Gideon and Rahul Ravipudi. Rick covers his evolution as a lawyer, beginning in Sitka, Alaska, taking every case that walked in the door. Rick was largely self-taught as a trial lawyer and has spent a lifetime learning skills needed to win in the courtroom. “Ethos” is the final ingredient that Rick says is often overlooked by trial lawyers. Authenticity, integrity . . . being emotionally centered in your own way will help you make the right judgment calls in the heat of trial. Looking inward, we all have behaviors formed as children that we need to come to terms with. Most are in self-denial about their own shortcomings. Rick describes his own revelations about himself that allow him to connect emotionally with a jury. The first step is addressing your own fears. “What would it be like if the jury sees the real you?”  Rick has the answer in his inspiring new book which he discusses here:

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