FR Teams Up With Paul Zebrowski to Win $3.3 Million Verdict Against State Farm

Macomb County, Michigan

A Macomb County jury returned a verdict of $3.3 million against State Farm Insurance Company today for denying insurance benefits to a Harrison Township woman.

Pat Paquette, 60, has been caring for her son Richard, since 1985 when he suffered severe brain injuries in a automobile accident. She is required to provide 24-hour care to help keep him alive. Michigan law requires insurers to pay family members who care for catastrophically injured policyholders. The jury found that State Farm failed to inform Pat Paquette of these benefits or fully pay them. The jury also found State Farm had violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act by failing to make prompt, fair and equitable settlement on the claim.

“Many families don’t know that they are entitled to be paid by their insurance company for caring for injured loved ones,” said Paul Zebrowski, Paquette’s Michigan attorney. “State Farm relies upon this lack of knowledge to withhold benefits their policyholders have paid for.”

As he has in the past, Zebrowski teamed up with Rick Friedman for the trial of the case. The combination of Zebrowski’s expertise in Michigan attendant care litigation and Rick Friedman’s proven trial experience, made for a good team and another outstanding result.

Zebrowski believes this may be the largest attendant care jury verdict in the state’s history. In addition to the $3.3 million award, State Farm may be required to pay attorney fees, costs and must continue to pay Pat Paquette full attendant-care benefits in the future. To see a copy of the jury’s verdict, click here. To read local media accounts, click here.