Airline Passenger Injuries

Airline Passenger Injuries

We represent airline passengers who are injured due to airline negligence.  Every year airline passengers are injured when flying commercially.  When an aircraft does not pressurize normally passengers suffer ruptured eardrums and loss of hearing. When airstairs or other boarding devices are not used safely by an airline passengers suffer fall injuries. Sometimes equipment within an aircraft breaks, injuring passengers. Turbulence injuries are another common occurrence.  Many of these injuries are preventable.

When an airline fails to reasonably care causing injury to a passenger, we step in to help hold the airline accountable to ensure the passenger or passengers are compensated. Aircraft are transitory in nature;  there are different statutes of limitation that may apply to an injury on an airplane. That means there may be a shortened period of time during which you must file your case in a court of law or forever lose your right to do so.  The rights of international travelers are governed by international treaties.  It is important to contact an attorney in order to preserve your rights. By holding an airline accountable for your injury you may help to make flying safer for everyone.

We have made claims against the airlines for various injuries, including the following:

  • knee injuries caused by beverage carts slamming into passengers
  • injuries from crash landings or rough landings
  • pressurization related injuries, including hearing loss
  • failure to provide medical assistance on airplanes
  • slip and falls on airplanes
  • burn injuries on airplanes

Other attorneys associate our firm on any case which involves a claim against an airline.