Airline and Helicopter Crash Litigation

Airline and Helicopter Crash Litigation

After an airplane crash there are a lot of questions. This is true regardless of whether the crash involves a private general aviation airplane or a commercial airline. A tragic reality of a plane crash is that often evidence and witnesses are lost in the crash itself.

Family members are left wondering why the aircraft crashed. Although the National Transportation Safety Board normally investigates airplane crashes, for a variety of reasons, the NTSB is unlikely to answer these questions. Often the pilot is blamed for the crash when it fact, he or she did absolutely everything in their power to avoid it. In such cases the real cause of a crash may remain hidden forever without the help of an aviation attorney and accident investigator or reconstructionist.

Our airplane wreckage examinations have revealed engines that failed in flight due to a defective part or faulty maintenance. Our review of air traffic control tapes has unearthed failure on the part of air traffic control to ensure adequate separation of aircraft or  failure to advise of known hazardous weather. In these cases we have successfully brought suit against aircraft and aircraft part manufacturers, repair stations and the Federal Aviation Administration.

We can help answer the questions that arise after a plane crash by acting quickly to gather important evidence that would otherwise be lost. We then assemble skilled aviation experts to examine the data so that the appropriate party can be held responsible. The next step is to decide where suit should be brought and which laws apply.

Airplanes are some of the most complex machines on earth, and aviation law can be equally as intricate. There are statutes of limitation and repose that are unique to aviation law. Other attorneys often associate with Friedman Rubin due to our knowledge and experience with this very specialized area of law.