Don C. Bauermeister

Of Counsel


Don’s law practice focuses on litigation involving wrongful death, negligence, product liability, and bad faith insurance claims. He has performed work for clients with cases in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Connecticut, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico and Nevada. Don has won five jury verdicts for plaintiffs each in excess of one million dollars. He has also assisted multiple trial teams in obtaining jury verdicts for plaintiffs in excess of $200 million. Don often lends his expertise to other lawyers —he and Rick Friedman regularly work together to develop effective presentations for juries in cases involving large compensatory or punitive damages.

Don has lectured in over twenty states on the uses of cognitive neuroscience in the courtroom. He has published papers on legal topics including the uses of neuroscience in jury persuasion. His articles were cover stories for the Nevada Justice Association Advocate magazine. You may download the Mar/Apr 2014 article here, or the Nov/Dec 2014 article here

Don has also lectured on the problem of juror bias and the need for parties and judges to be proactive in dealing with the issue. He was asked to speak on this subject at the 2017 Alaska Bar Convention.

Past Presentations

February 21, 2018, Denver University, Sturm College of Law, Denver, CO, Neuroscience and Courtroom Persuasion. 


University of Nebraska School of Law, J.D., 1979