Friedman | Rubin Partner Alisa Brodkowitz Discusses Amtrak Payout Cap on KIRO 7

Alisa Brodkowitz, Partner and expert Transportation Attorney for Friedman | Rubin was asked to interview on local channel KIRO 7 evening news regarding the Amtrak derailment in Seattle.

While actively partnering with law firms that fought for the victims of the 2015 Amtrak crash, Alisa believes that by removing the $295M damages cap placed by Congress, Amtrak will only increase its passenger safety.

She explained, “ The thought is that because Amtrak is a private company that receives Federal funding, that it is a company that would not be able to exist if it was open to liability without a cap, however, we know that by removing the cap they will only increase the safety for passengers.”









Alisa went on to say “There is no cap on damages for domestic airlines. Private air carriers invest in safety and we have not had a major crash of a domestic carrier in years. So, we need to ask ourselves what is really happening here?”

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