Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302

We are here. We can help.

In our experience helping victims and families of plane crashes, we have developed the following shared goals. Our law firm is located a short drive from Renton WA, where the Boeing 737 Max is manufactured. We have are currently suing Boeing for defects arising from the 737 series aircraft.

Search for the truth- what really happened?

After every plane crash there is an investigation- but this investigation is normally guided by the airline and manufacturer. Some call this the fox guarding the hen house. The families are not part of the investigation. By hiring an aviation attorney and filing a lawsuit you can participate in litigation “discovery.” This means that we ask questions and Ethiopian Air and Boeing must provide answers. We will also send our own plane crash investigation team to investigate, review accessible wreckage and maintenance records. We search for the truth.

Increase safety -this NEVER happens to another family.

Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 is the second crash involving a Boeing 737 Max in a year. After the Lion Air crash it became clear that airlines were unaware of a problem with the stall prevention feature of the 737 Max. The problem is that Boeing did not mention this stall prevention system in the flight manual. They were ordered to do so by the Federal Aviation Administration after the Lion Air crash. Presumably Ethiopian Airlines was provided with new information after the Lion Air crash. It is possible that it was not enough. After a plane crash it is essential to understand how to prevent similar crashes and ensure that changes are made.

Take responsibility.

Holding the airline and or the manufacturer responsible for a crash makes flying safer for everyone. Sometimes airlines or aircraft manufactures put pennies before people. We stop this conduct by exposing it. We stop this conduct by requiring that the airline and manufacturer pay for the damage they have created, for the lives they have ended. It then becomes too expensive to continue to cut corners. If the airlines or manufacturer will not take responsibility, we will hold them responsible.

Apologize. Compensate. Remember and Honor.

We share all these goals with you. If you have lost a family member in Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and would like us to help you, please click here.